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Ghana My Country

Ghana my motherland,

A very young old mother,

You that bewed all your offsprings together,

You are proud and acquainted to your black nature,

You are indeed of integrity and your body drowns in good culture.

Ghana my motherland,

A corrupted truthful mother,

You that is coated with resources and indiscriminate gender,

You have your humility and perseverance stirred into a mixture,

Your core receives everyone into it like an aperture.

Ghana my motherland,

A homely beautiful mother,

You that is swifty slow to change like the weather,

You are hardened and opposite of a denture,

Yet you are well-structured and defined as literature.

Written by Kwame Dunamis


Published by Kwame Dunamis

A young writer, born Williams Nana Tandoh from Enchi, Western North of Ghana.Student nurse at Asankragwa Nursing And Midwifery Training College

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