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Cheating The Final Resort

Why do people enjoy cheating?
Why can’t we stay with one partner?
Why are we so obsessed with sex?
Which part of flesh is different from what our eyes visualizes in our partners?
Sex, a quarantined seasonal feeling of electrical impulses.
Oh God!
Why cheating?
Is that the only thing we seek for in our partners?
Why allow a flummoxed thought get you to bend the empathic aspect of your relationship.
Is it wealth?
Is it body shape?
Is it resources of any kind?
Only if I knew the source of this pandemic I would have gathered all strength to eradicate it.
Is staying faithful to one person too much rule to adhere?
Oh mother nature rest your wisdom on man for our manual to happiness in relationship is lost.
A bird whispered that it could be as a result of assumption, procrastination, hurt, revenge or even addiction.
Hmm what a sad life.
If life was all about sex why then do you waste your time to seek for other things.
There is no secondary blame for this characteristics.
Is it the fault of more friction between our self control sphincters which has made itself vulnerable to the back flow of unnecessary pleasure into our thoughts?
Even though the attitude and actions of our partners triggers us to cheat but wait, take a minute and glance through your plans against your partner and ask yourself that is CHEATING THE LAST RESORT?
A wise man once said” Relationship is built on the element empathy. If your partner does what you are doing will you be happy?”

Written by Kwame Dunamis


Published by Kwame Dunamis

A young writer, born Williams Nana Tandoh from Enchi, Western North of Ghana.Student nurse at Asankragwa Nursing And Midwifery Training College

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