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Hustle And Bustle

Is been a long way coming but one never seem to get there.
As the branches of the clock chased each other, the theme of minutes drawn from each time is not gained back like an alopecia who has loss of hair.
As one wake up to derive inspiration from the book of Mark, lashes of thoughts are received from the aroma of goodness in the air.
One walks into the ecosystem looking wild and unkept mostly and the masses sees him as one who doesn’t care.
The mirrored aspect of each day bring home a thought of being extinct from a well to do life.
The only acquaintances one has are the eyes to see, the legs to walk,mouth to shout, head and shoulders to carry and hands to pull,push,lift and drag all because in the adventure of struggling they are the only friends you can have.
The sweetness of life seems to be far away, for the solo feeling of sweetness occurs in between the hustle when sweat glands commences its racing of fluid swiftly with some part dripping unto the tongue and body.
The prognosis of it all is to witness Poverty’s A.D.
The annex of striving cuts its blade through all works of living.
Where everyone is trying hard to be a better brethren.
The sky is truly the limit but even with adequate preparation, gravity acts against our dreams.
As one yean the desire to acquire success, the weight of hardwork establish itself on ones arms.
And at the sight of the crooked paths of success one tends to catch fear of the thorns along its paths.
But with insistence one needs to tip toe through to the very end because perseverance conquers all.

Written by Kwame Dunamis


Corona The Jealous god

Where from this corona?

Where did it emanate?

Who made him angry?

A wicked individual that has sympathy as its proximal allergy.

This man takes no delight in hiding in its dark cold nest no more.

As a solo persona, he causes the earth and its inhabitants to migrate from the normal.

Dare you dare him and he fixes on your head his helmet of loneliness and pain and pushes you to the distal points of unity.

He came as we were yet to gather our hay and singly caused a coup d’etat just so that our fears would be integrated towards him and him alone.

A jealous God indeed.

Positive to none but negative to all.

He corruptly pushed himself through the path of interruptions of good health and crowned himself god making himself a pandemic.

What a self centered leader.

He gives no one any clue to criticize him not to talk of eradicate him.

All resources has been deffered from other conditions and channeled towards him and still he has hardened his heart and blinded his eyes to the subtraction he causes in happy and productive life of man.

His presence has decreased the appetite for being gay.

Such a vague personality.

His joy of entangling himself to man has piloted his cunningness through the ecosystem manufacturing a universal phrase:STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE.

He has really forced us to grow thorns on rocky surfaces.

Man experiences diverse challenges each day.

He is swift in his attacks and he causes a dysfunction of the hypothalamus while he causes the melting of mucus through our nostrils processing to the shutting down the lymphatic system and making most of the organs unemployed.

A lot can be said but you being a jealous god doesn’t make you the greatest.

Down we might have fallen but surely we will rise through the safety protocols and cross over to homeostasis.

Written by Kwame Dunamis

Wash your hands regularly. Use Alcohol hand sanitizers when necessary. Wear your masks and observe social distancing.

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