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God’s Love

God’s love is a beautiful thing. It is well greased like an oil tank. Gaining it scrubs away the devil’s favorite word ‘deceive’. So that we may not fall easily to temptation like Eve. Satan’s love is full of surprises while God’s love is garnished with spices. Stay calm and listen to Him and He would make people sing your name like a Sunday hymn. Like Galatians 6 verses 7 says’Donot be deceived. What you sow is what you reap’. Why should should you wait for your sins to gather into a heap? Why act so childish? Do you want your failure and suffering to hang like a satellite dish? Why can’t you ask for God’s love because does it the only way you have. Make God hold you like water in a fragile gourd and the Holy spirit act as a cord. Be focus and full of perseverance. The devil is flummoxed and has deceit in abundance. Your heavenly father loves you so much. Don’t let procrastination and influence quench you like a lighted match. Don’t be afraid of the stigmatization when you choose the correct path. Don’t let what they say make you turn back because your brain and all its new ideas will transform into a pillar of salt. For even those who use earthly protocols to get what they want seems very happy then how much more the love of God. Allow your heart to be that fuel station that will boost your cumulative records to God. It might be a difficult pattern to unlock when it comes to seeking and keeping the love of God. But be confident as you Right wrong, Live pure and Seek the love.

Written by Kwame Dunamis


Published by Kwame Dunamis

A young writer, born Williams Nana Tandoh from Enchi, Western North of Ghana.Student nurse at Asankragwa Nursing And Midwifery Training College

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