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Happiness is one personality to get acquainted to. Such a deep minded path to stride upon. Plantation of freedom and smiles smeared across it’s boundaries. A firm bridge hanged from sorrow ,trouble and sadness. Descending unto it is very easy but it takes determination and discipline to sustain a step. Yes! Discipline I say. A characteristic that makes the body,mind and soul lay teeth out on the floor of happiness. Happiness, a personality that has a lot enemies fighting hard to counteract its endeavors. Punctures are been made through its beautiful coloured garment. Just because it carries the angelic quality of bringing peace to the mind,body and soul doesn’t mean it has no negatives. Despite also it’s ability to transmogrify fear,panic,shame,failure among others into goodness doesn’t mean that its is not vulnerable at a point. When abused, happiness picks up its vicious dagger and draws out joy unto the naked cold grounds to be walked upon. For all things being equal, happiness is a personality that should be treated with care and respect.

Written by Kwame Dunamis


The Nursing Tree

Nursing the profession,

A fine structure built on education and compassion.

The rock that curves its residents into discipline,

And occludes them under self esteem linen.

Nursing the parent,

One which inculcates the behaviour of being confidential and transparent.

One under whose watch offsprings are painted in sheen green and white,

Making then take strides upon hard work and love even in the storms of the night.

Nursing the old lady,

One who needs respect and detects the act of being shady.

The precursor of life and topmost undertaker,

Indeed you are the one that watches over all and never becomes a blanker.

Written by Kwame Dunamis


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The Truth

Bridging the gap between mere existence and true life.

I Think For All

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