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Harmony of nature

As I lay supine to the earth crust, my eye elevated itself to the sight of the artistically painted skies. It visualized its clouds as it marched across its watermarked blue background. And as the sun steps out to unveil the gorgeousness of the day, the self operated pilots chose their best wings to diffuse their melodious voices over all who valley against it. My hand rested beside its body and it fingers witnessed the well nursed green grass been addressed by the kindness of the ocean breeze. My nerves came to a halt in its cognitive activities to idolize the dependability of each segment of nature. My ears were not isolated from this adventure as it harked the sound produced from the oceans gentle tap on the earth’s body. The manufacturers of oxygen, shook their branches to conduct the diverse notes produced by each animal. The logo of the evening showed itself high above as the earth twisted its leg spirally. The darkness of the evening resonated the mummers and giggling from family gathering and its complexion gave a keen shot of brightly lit up fire. Finally my brain climaxed my adventure by going blank as my eyes closed its aperture to the snores and wheezing of the night. Written by: Kwame Dunamis


The Good Bad Boy

One person whose pungent sweet smell pierces the nares of the biosphere. His short strides paints the streets with dry muddy signatures of remembrance. His voice echoes in his bucal cavity and majestically announces the ‘Hakuna Matata’ which means in Swahili ‘There is no trouble’ but he translates into ghetto language as ‘Free Minded’. His negative good thoughts makes him sui generis. Despite the viciousness individuals smear him with, he overrides it with his cunningness. His sometimes annoying nature outsend like insufficient storage space alert. But above all his caring nature makes him easily acquainted to unlike the mother sea turtle. He truely seises his good bad character across.

Written by: Kwame Dunamis


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