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Marriage A Continuum


A tele vision of a developed courtship,

Which is established on friendship,

A word which causes chaos in the minds of the single,

A refusal to create peace brings about pressure from every angle.


An individual that is accompanied by nagging, happiness, offsprings and a lot of sweat,

An individual that is the advocate to companionship on earth,

Understanding of the multitasked nature of this individual would need a gross concentration,

Wait, don’t process your thoughts already. This doesn’t mean you and I cannot disintegrate its cyst. All you need is the right preparation.


A well furnished building,

Which has happiness and joy planted in its garden,

The architectural planning of this building is drawn on the principals of truth, loyalty, care and empathy,

So individuals who inherit this property must be ready to pay its penalty.


An easy business to start but a tough one to sustain,

With all its duties along its path,makes it cumbersome to contain,

But its true nature is obscure,

So only go getters can cross its vague contour.


A wonderful feeling of bliss,

Which can be preserved mostly through avoidance of remiss,

Anyone under the shelter of this feeling with a good heart surely will enjoy the goodness of life drawn in fine art.

Written by Kwame Dunamis

Dedicated to my lovely aunt. Love you


The Betrayal

As blinded as I was, I stumbled upon a shallow trust thinking I was going to be lifted back into the aroma of faithfulness.
But to my dismay, a strong wind run swiftly pass the tree of life in front of me causing the betrayal leaves to isolate itself from it’s branches hitting straight into the chambers of my heart.
At that instance my eyes halted in its indefinite functions and singled itself to visualizing the lies that nature presented.
Oh what a world!
The departments of pretence are built right in front of my house but my knowledge in construction failed to give me a tip off.
I prepared all my efforts, love, hope, trust and loyalty and handed it over to friendship and charity.
But the seed of goodness I purchased were thrown unto the hard rocks of reality.
Pain knocked on my occluded eyes as tears of hurt run down my body. I kept whispering to myself ” Why me?, What did I do wrong?, Do I deserve this?.
What can I say.
There is no elucidation for these scenes I witness.
In the existence of man, one thing we fail to repent from is trying to please every individual we encounter.
A French man once said ” Dans la vie, vous devez persuader votre cerveau de suivre vos actions.”

Written by  Kwame Dunamis


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The Truth

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