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How do people classify fornication?When did it become a popular agenda in the minds of the youths?The ability to fall onto such path of ignorance and shame is equal to insanity. What do we see in today’s today, the youths have made the exchange of at most one hour pleasure their sole aim. What at all caused this riot in our behaviors. We fail to create peace between our good and bad characters. We tend to go in for fornication in order to submerge the rising rate of hunger for sex, curiosity, poverty, ignorance, greed among others. If one has to keep chaste for a huge sum of money, would it have been a problem?1 Corinthians 6 verses 18 says “One should abstain from sexual immorality. It is sad to see our very young youths proudly advertising their relationships in public like an exhibition banner. Where is that shame and shyness that used to hold down such impudence in us? Where did it emanate? Is it from our peers, parents, teachers, churches, social media, society or books we read? Curiosity someone would say is the cause of he or she fornicating. What have you heard of sex that makes it so interesting? Have you not heard of the word of God, getting excellent grades, getting a better life? Why can’t we go for these rather? Bad parenting is another lame excuse to give. Ask yourself, is my parents going to save me from the effects of the act? They are there to train you not to confuse you. Peer pressure, the most used excuse ever. A friend should have good vision and a loyal heart. Why do you allow a flummoxed person coax you into something that comes with a lot of negative effects? Poverty is another unreasonable excuse to stimulate your zeal for this act. Instead of thinking of how to positively eradicate it, we are rather enslaving ourselves to temporary solutions. Wealth gaining is never a license for you to practice this act at all. Hard work pays off. How far is true success away from you. My dear youths lets be cautious of what we do cause what we plant is what we sow.

Written by Kwame Dunamis



What is bleaching?People say it is the new formula to stay away from discrimination, shame, laughter many other forms of ridicule. Others also say it is the new way of getting acquainted to the rich, handsome, beautiful and famous persons. Wow!What a shame. Because of these blind excuses you have made your mind too dull. You have decorated yourself ready to be bought in a shop like a doll. Where did this attitude come from?Who brought the ingredients for this confusion that has set into our generation. Ah!It is the foreigners. They want us to increase their population for a short while and later suffer a great deed. People be wise. Ask yourself why don’t these people bleach their skins to be dark in complexion. Money saved from the beneficial stages of this act is later used as a donation to fund for health centers in the future. Would you like to stay in a building without beauty and damages?So why then do you destroy God’s own temple?Yet when people get advised against this act, some give response like ‘is it your skin’. Beware and cautious of this act. Stay Natural.

Written by Kwame Dunamis


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