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Cheating The Final Resort

Why do people enjoy cheating? Why can’t we stay with one partner? Why are we so obsessed with sex? Which part of flesh is different from what our eyes visualizes in our partners?Sex, a quarantined seasonal feeling of electrical impulses.Oh God! Why cheating?Is that the only thing we seek for in our partners? Why allowContinue reading “Cheating The Final Resort”

Mirrored Face Of War

War, a persona with numerous qualities. Some disastrous while others speak goodness. Fragrance of war brings about dwindling of smile and joy as greediness spikes in the thoughts of the violent. Long barrels smeared with explosive powders points into the face of the innocent as eyes full of covetousness watch over. Blood sieves through theContinue reading “Mirrored Face Of War”


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The Truth

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I Think For All

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